When you tell people that you play in a band that covers TV theme tunes, they always say “Oh! Do you play ‘Surprise Surprise’?” or whatever. Sometimes the suggestions are good, but we tend to forget to write them down. So, if you’ve got a suggestion, do please bung it in the suggestions box below. There are two rules:

1. We don’t play any theme tunes that feature singing. We have a “no singing” policy. Not because we can’t sing – actually we’re quite good – but we’re trying to avoid a situation where someone in Dream Themes becomes the frontman. No individual is bigger than Dream Themes. We operate according to an extreme left-wing ideology. Or something.

2. We’re trying to avoid themes that were only on TV before 1980 or so – mainly because the people who remember such themes tend not to come to gigs because they’re gardening or whatever. And we end up playing ‘Dixon Of Dock Green’ to a crowd of 27 year-olds who are wondering what the hell we’re doing, and what the hell they’re doing watching us.

103 thoughts on “Suggestions

  1. Would love to see you release a double A side single of The Stooges’ Fun House and the theme from Fun House.

    Could probably get Pat Sharp in to record Iggy’s vocals.

    Will send you a fiver today if that would help.

  2. The Big Country (film theme) although possibly the main harmony on guitar could be tricky(?).

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