DT 001: The News At Ten O’Clock News



  1. News At Ten (The Awakening)
  2. BBC News 2000

Our debut single was called The News At Ten O’Clock News.

The plan was to put it out as a 7″ single, but we ran out of money. But you can buy it on iTunes or at 7 Digital. It’s also on Spotify but it’s not much of an earner.

The A-side is the theme to ITN’s News At Ten. The B-side is the theme to the BBC Ten O’Clock News. You see what we did there.

The “News At Ten” theme is actually an excerpt from a piece of library music called “The Awakening” by Johnny Pearson. The “Ten O’Clock News” theme is called “BBC News 2000” and it’s written by David Lowe. Both tracks are very short. In fact they’re so short that the iTunes preview just plays the whole bloody song.

We’ve done videos for both tracks. Side A and Side B.

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